6 Easy Ways To Make Water Safe For Drinking

6 Easy Ways To Make Water Safe For Drinking


Drinking unclean water is one of the main reasons for a majority of water-borne diseases that people suffer from. As such, it is essential that you always drink only clean water, which is not contaminated with microbes, industrial pollutants, and so on. Below, we will check out six ways you can make the water safe for drinking purposes.

Filtered Tap Water

Collecting water from tap as-is is not a good idea. There are many purifying filters available in the market that you can use on the tap. Just fit the filter on the tap and a good chunk of contaminants of the water will be caught by the filter, making it much safer for consumption. However, do ensure that you change those filters regularly. If you use the filters for too long without cleaning or replacing them, then the filter will have bacteria and other contaminants which might end up making the tap water more dangerous than it really is.

Bottled Water

When traveling, it is better that you drink bottled water rather than directly from any tap, even if the tap contains a purifying filter on it. But do keep in mind that these bottles are generally made from plastic and contain harmful chemicals in them. As such, if you keep these bottles in a hot environment, then there is a good chance that these chemicals will leak into the water and will end up inside your system.

Water For Infants

When providing water to infants, it is extremely important to ensure that the water has no germs or bacteria. One way to do this is to use Legionella Testing Kits UK – No.1 Trusted Provider – Aquacert. This will help you detect the harmful legionella bacteria in the water, thereby helping you avoid giving it to your child and risking the little one’s health.

Personal Water Bottle

You can also choose to carry a water bottle with you so that you don’t have to depend on any external water source every time you go out. And it is recommended that you avoid all types of plastic bottles. Since you will be using the bottle repeatedly, plastic bottles are highly risky. Instead, only carry water in steel bottles.

Plumber Inspection

If you think that the pipes supplying you with water might be corroded, then you should immediately call in a plumber and get the pipes inspected. If you let the pipes remain unchecked, then the water you drink will be mixed with the corroded metal particles and other contaminants, eventually making you sick. But with a timely inspection, you can avoid such consequences.

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