A great guide for choosing the right facial Treatment

A great guide for choosing the right facial Treatment


Choosing the best skin care routine can be quite challenging, often. Sometimes, you are not able to judge what is good for your skin and what is wrong. It is always a confusion about the choice of facial products. Skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body. It needs special attention and pampering.

For choosing the facial treatment, the primary step is to know the skin type. Also, it is essential to understand what are you aiming for, with the help of those facial products. Everybody has different needs and unique preferences. Here is a guide to judge your skin type and know what exactly is meant for your skin. To get the best facial therapies, you can choose Nouri Face & Body Concepts.

The best facial mask needed by oily, and clogged skin:

The main aim of oil-secreting skin is the removal of excess oil, also to create natural oil balance on the skin. Oily skin usually gets paired with pores clogged by sebum and impurities. Therefore, the ingredients to treat the excessively oily skin should focus on pulling out the sebum and dirt trapped in the pores.

Clay mask is the best friend of an oily skinned girl. Clay absorbs the oils, which are not needed by the skin. It also helps remove the deeply rooted dirt from the face. Certain experts preferred good facialclays for skin is green clay, also known as bentonite, rose clay, and rhassoul clay.

Application of the clay leaves the skin fresh and glowing.

Tip: Do not talk while the mask is on.

A good facial mask required by a combination and normal skin:

If one has combination skin, it gets tricky to choose the right path to follow (perfect product to choose). Because if one chooses a clay mask, then it going to make the skin dry and feel stretchy. And if one with combination skin tries out a moisturizing mask, then it may cause breakouts due to the accumulation of bacterial the oil. Hence, for combination skin it important to create a balance in the mask.

Therefore, organic honey is the best suited natural facial ask for the combination skin. Honey is packed with a lot of anti-oxidants, which helps in making the skin glow. Honey is a humectant (it attract moisture). It provides nourishment to the skin. The best part is it neither leaves the skin dry not it causes any extra hydration. Honey has many benefits for the skin from moisturizing to getting a brighter complexion. Honey can be mixed with another ingredient like lemon or rose water. Though these are a natural ingredient, always check the pack on your hand before trying it on the face. Face skin is the most sensitive skin and reacts abruptly to the product.

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