Different Drug Tests Where Cannabis Can Be Found

Different Drug Tests Where Cannabis Can Be Found


Almost everywhere on the globe, the drug tests are conducted as it is not permitted in various situations. In many sports taking performance-enhancing drugs is strictly banned and hence the athletes need to undergo tests before participating in the tournament. In recent days, the proposal to have a drug test before attending a musical concert is also proposed. The major role of the drug test is to omit the audience/participants who have done drug overdose.

CBD is one of the drugs which is getting popular with the passage of time. Some countries have even legalized the public sale of its products. The CBD Oil Canada portals are given license to sell the CBD products in public. But when we are talking about the CBD drug test, there is a list of testes where CBD presence can be evaluated. Below is the list of CBD Drug test that you should know.

Urine Test: Whatever drugs you consume, it gets into your blood. But in some of the cases, the drugs are eliminated from the urine, leaving its presence in your body. So your urine test can easily determine the number of drugs consumed. Generally, this test is conducted for athletes who attempt to take performance-enhancing drugs.

Blood Test: The drugs you take directly travels to your blood and circulate throughout your body. Some drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, etc basically enter the body through the blood; hence it becomes more convenient to find their presence. The drugs generally reside in human blood for about 6-7 hours, but in rare cases, the candidate is found positive even after 24 hours of drug intake. Such a situation occurs in the stage of the drug overdose.

Saliva Test: This is considered the most effective test to find the marijuana addicts. There are some chances where the person can cheat a urine test, but it’s impossible to cheat on a saliva test. Apart from this, the testing doesn’t need waiting time like urine test. You can take the saliva samples and test the presence of drugs. The saliva test is generally conducted to get instant findings.

Hair Follicle Tests: Those who consume marijuana can also be detected with the hair follicle test. The regular consumer has the traces of marijuana left on their hair follicles, offering clear evidence for drug consumption. The person can even be tested after 90 days of marijuana dose. This made it the most effective test which can work precisely after a long trace-period.

Will CBD Consumption make you fail a Drug test?

As mentioned initially, there are some countries where CBD consumption is permitted. Still, it matters how you have used it and in what amount. Based on the amount of CBD found in your body, the decision will be made. If you are found consuming high dosage without any medical prescription, it is totally a punishable offense. However, if you fail in CBD drug test due its small presence in your body, but have a valid prescription, you will be permitted in some countries.

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