Do We See Lower Cancer Rates with Vaping Compared to Tobacco?

Do We See Lower Cancer Rates with Vaping Compared to Tobacco?


Tobacco based cigarettes have for a long time been a key causative agent of cancer. For that reason, most smokers have opted to switch to vaping products such as those available at . Vaping involves inhaling the vapor that is produced after a liquid is heated in an electronic cigarette. Vaping is considered to be a safer option compared to cigarettes that contain tobacco. This is mainly because electronic cigarettes contain less amounts of nicotine compared to tobacco cigarettes. So, what makes vaping a better option compared to tobacco smoking? Stick around to find out more.

Contents found in e-cigarettes

Vaping is a new phenomenon which has been adopted by smokers as a tool to quit smoking. In addition, smokers view e-cigarettes as a more secure form of smoking. The reason why vaping products are gaining so much popularity is due to the fact that they are secure. Unlike tobacco which burns to emit dangerous chemicals, e-cigarettes contain contents that do not leave the user exposed to cancer. Among the contents you find in vaping pens include:

  • Chemical flavors

The vapor inhaled from most e-cigarette brands contains chemical flavors. The chemical contained in the flavor is known as diacetyl and its levels vary depending on the e-cigarette brand you choose. The smoke from the chemical flavors is thinner thus it does not pose much threat to the user. In addition, there are lots of flavor options to choose from thus smokers are not limited to a single uncomfortable option.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Commonly abbreviated as VOCs, these compounds form the liquid that is heated in order for vapor to form. The VOCs make vaping fun since they do not cause irritation or discomfort like the smoke from tobacco.

Quitting is highly advocated as a means of avoiding smoking-induced cancer. However, quitting the smoking habit can prove to be an uphill task. Therefore, vaping offers a safe solution and this explains why cancer rates in vaping are lower compared to tobacco smoking. Burning tobacco produces over 7,000 harmful chemicals with 70 being cancer agents.

Tobacco smoking has always been a thorn in the flesh for scientists as they grapple with finding a long-lasting solution that can replace tobacco and minimize the cancerous effects of smoking. Fortunately, vaping presents a formidable challenge to tobacco products and promises to provide a lasting answer that drastically reduces the number of deaths caused by tobacco use.

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