Effective Exercises to Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder joints are in constant motion, which is prone to occasional pain. When you experience shoulder pain, you probably reach for your nearest pain reliever, which usually involves popping a pill or two.

But for an effective way to relieve shoulder pain, try one of these 6exercises.


A good warm-up is essential for any physical activity to prepare your body for what’s to come. For shoulder pain, a good shoulder warm-up should include some shoulder mobility and shoulder joint mobilization. You should try to “wake up” your shoulder joint by gently rotating your shoulder in all directions and elevating your arm up over your head.

Use your core and Pull Your Arms Together.

When you have shoulder pain, one of the first signs is that you’re gripping your shoulder too hard. One helpful exercise for relieving shoulder pain is using your core and pulling your arms together. Then, while keeping your shoulder joint mobile, try to gently stretch and release your shoulder muscle. This exercise will help keep your shoulder joint mobile, which will help reduce shoulder impingement.

Provide Support for Your Shoulder

A common cause of shoulder pain is when you have impingements. These occur when the tendons that supply the joint become irritated due to being rubbed against one another. To provide adequate support for your shoulder, try using a Roman or sitting roller to gently roll your shoulders forward and backward and side-to-side. You can also use a ball to provide extra support or add ice to targeted areas for increased relief.

Try Swimming

If you have shoulder pain, then adding some swimming to your routine can help to calm your mind and provide effective pain relief. While swimming doesn’t provide the same amount of resistance that you would get from lifting weights in a gym, it is still effective for relieving some types of pain. For shoulder pain, try to focus more on the movements of your arms and hands rather than the movements of your legs.

Try Walking It Out

When most people have shoulder pain, they will reach for their phone and start typing or scrolling through social media. If you have shoulder pain, try to avoid doing these things that can aggravate your shoulder pain. Instead, try to take some anti-inflammatory medications or ice and walk it out. By walking, you provide pain relief and promote better blood flow and mobility for your shoulder.

Try Lifting Weights

If you have shoulder pain, you may think that lifting weights would be too painful or challenging for you. However, resistance bands can make lifting weights very manageable for people with shoulder pain. You can do many different exercises using a resistance band, such as rows, bicep curls, chest presses, and external shoulder rotations. You can book for a personalized physical therapy with a reputable professionals like PhoenixPhysical Therapy.  They will guide you through exercises that work on different parts of your shoulder, such as your deltoids, traps, and upper back.

Shoulder joints are in constant motion, which is prone to occasional pain. When you experience shoulder pain, you probably want to get the nearest pain reliever. That may not help you for long, but consistently exercising will give you a permanent solution.

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