Finer Choices for the Best Drug Rehabilitation Process

Finer Choices for the Best Drug Rehabilitation Process


Dependence brings several damages, both physical and social. Therefore, the staff requires special care, conducted by a multidisciplinary health team, that is, a group of different professionals who combine their knowledge to offer comprehensive care. There comes the use of drug rehabilitation now.

In this article, we will talk about the role of nursing in the treatment of chemical dependence. Keep up.

How is the treatment of chemical dependence?

The drug addict can reach a health facility in different ways, such as:

  • hospitalization in a psychiatric institution
  • looking for assistance in a basic health unit
  • -Search for assistance in an institution dedicated to the care of drug addicts.

The person’s complaint may be specifically drug or psychic related. Some individuals also come to the hospital with physical problems caused by excessive use of the substance, either momentary or chronic. Treatment of addiction varies according to:

  • the characteristics of the person
  • the type of substance used
  • the amount and pattern of use
  • social support that the person receives
  • the presence of emotional and / or physical problems.

After the diagnosis of chemical dependence, it is ideal to have a follow-up by a team in the medium or long term, to ensure the success of the treatment. There are no unusual relapses or failures throughout this process.

How can a nursing professional work in this area?

The nursing staff is the one who most closely maintains contact with the patient in different areas of health and is no different in caring for drug-dependent patients. These professionals have great potential to recognize problems related to drug use and have a very relevant role in this area.

Therefore, having the nursing staff is essential in any clinic, therapeutic community or center dealing with drug addicts. To work in this area, the nursing professional needs to have knowledge related to some topics, such as:

  • types of drugs and their actions in the body
  • drug-related symptoms and emergencies
  • foundations of mental health and psychiatry
  • sychosocial aspects related to drug use
  • Mental disorders.

The best way to become empowered is by pursuing mental health courses and specializations, such as a mental health graduate with an emphasis on substance abuse.

What is the role of nursing in this type of treatment?

Following are some characteristics and curiosities about the role of nursing in the treatment of this problem.

Important points in the performance of the nursing staff

Any care related to mental health calls for attention to issues that are not always very important in other areas of health. Working with chemical dependence requires some important points from the nurse, which go beyond the theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies.

The first issue concerns prejudice related to drug use and its users. The general population sees these people as “guilty,” which have chosen to follow that path, and many even claim that they deserve to be abused. The nurse who deals with dependents needs to put this prejudice aside, treating the patient with respect and dignity.

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