How Much Alcohol Can Cause Overdose And How To Avoid It

lcohol Can Cause Overdose


Alcohol is one of the most common mind-altering you can find anywhere. At the same time, it is a hazardous substance. Excessive use of alcohol can lead to alcohol overdose, alcohol poisoning, or alcohol intoxication. A person shows plenty of signs of alcohol poisoning.

They get prompt help when someone notices signs of alcohol poisoning on time. They can face dire consequences or even die if they fail to get immediate medical attention for alcohol overdose. It is always good to control your alcohol intake. If you cannot control it, you can always opt for help from professional institutions such as detox to rehab.

Institutions such as detox to rehab are ready to help people steer their journey to sobriety. They are working hard to educate people about alcohol abuse and the symptoms that things are going haywire. In this article, let us highlight some of the crucial points about alcohol poisoning. Firstly, let us figure out how much alcohol can cause alcohol Poisoning.

How much alcohol can cause an overdose?

The number of drinks a person consumes or BAC (high blood alcohol concentration) is a very rough sign of impairment. Alcohol intoxication can differ depending on the following aspects –

  • Alcohol tolerance
  • Body weight
  • The fat percentage of the body
  • Gender

Now the question is how you can avoid alcohol overdose or poisoning. You can find the answer to this question by reading the below discussion.

How to avoid alcohol overdose?

Quitting alcohol or limiting alcohol intake is the best way to avoid alcohol poisoning. In case you have to drink, it is good to drink responsibly. At the same time, following moderate drinking guidelines can help you avoid alcohol intoxication. If you find it hard to limit your alcohol consumption, you can always consult the doctor for help. You can also opt for a rehab institution to get help for your addiction.

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