Lighting a Cigarette Directly from the Tin

Lighting a Cigarette


A common problem for cannabis consumers is having an abundance of the drug but no smoking device. It’s bad that there are so many various ways to light up a joint, but cannabis smokers have always been creative, so there are plenty of options, even if some of them are a little out there. Even if you have a preferred method of smoking cannabis, there will come a time when you have no option but to try something new. In this article, we’ll go through how to smoke cannabis out of a Coke can, since you never know when you may need some smoking ideas. In addition, we will go through various do-it-yourself and conventional methods to provide you a range of smoking options to consider.

Methods for Lighting Up

So how to smoke out of a can? Any seasoned marijuana smoker knows that at some point, you’ll have to try your hand at a homemade smoking method. There are many of situations in which a baggie is the only item you can get your hands on, and those are the times you should utilise it. Using a soda or beer can as a pipe material is one of the easiest ways to make a pipe from an everyday product. You may use whatever size soda can you choose, but be sure to thoroughly clean it and let it dry in the open air before you begin. Furthermore, a screwdriver and a needle or pin will come in handy.

The Starting Up

To start, make a shallow indentation on the can’s side with your thumbs. The depth of this cutout should be minimal. Given that the weed will be planted here, you’ll want to make sure the hole is big enough. Make a series of tiny holes in the centre of the depression with the needle or pin. It should look like a grating or mesh. Make a little hole in the side of the can with the screwdriver, and then put it aside. Making ensuring your thumb fits inside the carburetor hole is essential. You’ll need to cover and uncover the hole as you puff away.

The Final Phase

This is the final answer to how to smoke out of a can. The hole and depression in the carburetor need to be “conditioned,” or prepared, using the lighter. The chemicals used to cover the can will evaporate, and you won’t have to worry about breathing them in. In spite of this, there is no proof from studies to back this up, and the cannabis community just does this out of an abundance of caution. You may sand away the covering there if you want. The last step in using a soda can for smoking weed is to place the cannabis over the can’s mouthpiece, ignite it, and inhale via the can’s microscopic holes. The procedure is finished now.

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