It has been beautifully said that “Hair is God’s beautiful gift to human race”. It enhances one’s beauty as is the first thing observed at an eye level. But for some people it doesn’t last longer as they suffer from hair loss. Hair loss could be a devastating experience of one’s life which drastically affects self esteem and self confidence. People often neglect the alarming signs of hair loss unless noticeable and regret later.

In Australian population, the most common cause of hair loss is pattern baldness which is genetic followed by poor nutrition, continuous usage of oral contraceptives, alcohol, smoking, Medication (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics), continuous usage of hot tools and chemical straightening.

Once realized people often try many remedies to resolve the issue of hair loss but lamentable face failed outcomes. Its good news for those individuals that hair transplant is one such procedure which will ensure you desirable and permanent results. If done with expert and experienced hands the results would surely last for life time.

When thinking of hair transplant it is usual to have multiple doubts regarding the procedure like Do I need a hair transplant?

Does this transplant last forever?

How much does it costs?

Will it be painful?

The answer to these entire questions is scheduling an appointment of primary consultation with the hair transplant surgeon. But yes it is assured if you will choose the expert surgeon the results will be for lifetime and will surely be painless.

Hair transplant in Australia is tremendously expensive which leads Australian people to have second thoughts regarding hair transplant. From the past few years foreign nationals including Australians have paved their way to India for hair transplant due to multiple advantages. Due to overpriced hair transplant cost in Australia, people often migrate to other options. This reduces the patient footfall for hair transplant in Australia and in turn leads to less experienced surgeons. India has come a long way in terms of introducing latest innovations in medical sciences. In the field of hair transplant very few clinics who have patient footfall from other parts of world are maintaining international standards of hygiene and safety. Hence this decision should be taken judiciously as even minute negligence could have direct effect on the outcome of the procedure.

“Medispa centre” of hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur is one such centre which encounters patient footfall from all over the world including Australia.  This centre is famous for delivering best services, amenities and priority to every patient they treat. They utilizes technology which matches the international standards like well equipped operatory, video assisted microscopes, trained technicians, modern graft segregating room and modular patient room with all amenities. Including, they are best in terms of maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

From ages, Indians are well known for their hard work and artistic sculpting with hands. This is the gift from ancestors which is inherited to few hair transplant surgeons in India. As hair transplant is not just a medical procedure, it requires an immense sense of creativity to sculpt hairline at proper angulations for natural results. Dr Suneet Soni (founder of Medispa centre) is one such fortunate hair transplant surgeon who is super specialized surgeon (MCh Plastic surgeon) by profession and artist by his passion. His excellent creative approach and artistic skills ensures sculpting of hairline design for natural looking results.

The cost of hair transplant is quite pocket friendly in India despite the high standards we are maintaining. In India, Delhi being the capital city has become the premium destination for foreign national to choose for hair transplant at an affordable cost. “Medispa hair transplant centre” in Delhi and Jaipur has become choice of destination for hair transplant among national and international patients including Australians. Our motto has always been to deliver the best possible results and best service at an affordable cost.

Feel free to visit us at “Medispa” to experience the memorable journey of hair transplant which could be a lifetime experience for you.

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