SARMs vs Steroids and Why SARMs is safer than steroids

SARMs vs Steroids and Why SARMs is safer than steroids


Using steroids for increasing hormones is just like trying to make a microchip work better with a sledgehammer. Steroids build muscles by boosting your testosterone levels which enhance protein synthesis in your cells and further help to build muscle and burn fat. It is the anabolic part of the steroids, but they also affect your prostate, liver, heart and sex organs (causing shrinkage of ball in men and clitoral enlargement in women).These side effects are the androgen side of the steroids.

The problem with steroids is that they offer anabolic to androgenic ratio of 50:50. It means they are likely going to shrink your balls or enhance your clitoris while building muscles.

This is where SARMs come in!

They are very selective in comparison to steroids providing anabolic to androgenic ratio of 3:1 which further goes to 90:1. It means you can make muscle, lost fat without experiencing any side effects. You can also consume SARMs orally, there is no need to inject them.

SARMs can be bought easily in Canada and USA legally. However, there a number of SARMs present in the market. You should know which one is feasible for you:


RAD-140 burns body fat and builds muscle. Testolone is one of the best researched SARMs and offers amazing results. It doesn’t have any meaningful side effects. Even elderly people who used moderate dose of Testolone for 12 weeks witnessed muscle growth and loss of fat.


Ligandrolor LGD-4033 is also awell-studied SARM. It shows significant increment in lean body mass. However, it does suppress your testosterone for some time. 1mg per day can boost your muscle growth significantly. It is also known to increase muscle mass, sex drive and bone density, without causing any adverse effect on your liver or prostate.


MK-677 is a selective growth hormone which stimulates your growth hormone. It helps in the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. It also activates GH-IGF-1 and enhances your lean body mass and bone density.

It yields exceptional results as it boosts growth hormone levels but doesn’t increase the other hormones like cortisol.


Cardarine is one of the best drugs to boost your physical performance. It offers an exceptional endurance boost and has amazing fat burning properties. This is why a lot of sportspeople and bodybuilders use it. Overall it is a remarkable and reliable compound to use.


This SARM helps you to treat issues like osteoporosis and muscle wasting. It is also used in testosterone placement therapy. It allows bodybuilders and fitness freaks to cut, bulk and recomp. Ostarine prevents loss of muscle during a caloric deficit. It also offers healing and repairing of joint injuries during exercise or practice.

Why should you choose SARMs?

Well, SARMs have shown exceptional results for bodybuilders and athletes, without any prior side effects. If you really want to grow in the field of health, fitness, sports and training, then these compounds can be of great help to you. So, go ahead, think of your goals and then pick the SARM feasible for you.

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