The New Avenues in the CBD Oil Options

The New Avenues in the CBD Oil Options


They’re doing it right now, a pharmaceutical company is currently conducting clinical trials to test a CBD-containing drug, Epidiolex, in America. This medicine is made from cannabis, but it removes THC. It may take years, however, for it to become a registered medicine and for several years to reach Hungary. According to an investigation by Israeli researchers, a natural plant extract can be used more effectively than a synthetically produced CBD. It is not clear what the explanation for this is: the combination of several cannabinoids is likely to be more effective. It may also be necessary that all THCs are needed to exert the beneficial effects of CBD Oil Products.

Now, do we want to tear the kids?

No, preparations used to treat childhood epilepsy do not contain very little THC, which is not enough to exert a psychoactive effect, so children do not tear it. According to the very strict Hungarian legislation, under a 0.2% THC content, the hemp is not suitable for the production of a drug, so not consuming it does not cause stupor. In the United States this limit is 0.3%.

Are the pages selling CBD oil reliable?

Unfortunately, we have heard quite a lot of cases when a poor quality product was mailed, or when the dental office was deceived and nothing was sent to it. It is also not certain that the THC content of the product is as much as the distributor claims. It is worthwhile to take special care when ordering online, and to use the experience of others in relation to resources.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

Most medicines prescribed for epilepsy have serious side effects. If consumed in the prescribed amount, CBD oil has no known common and serious side effects. Mild side effects have been reported, such as somnolence. Since these cannabis preparations are not consumed by sucking, they do not cause lung damage as well as the cannabis suction. Very rarely (according to manufacturers, two thousand customers complained about this) that oil consumption caused stomach upset, but they mostly disappeared after 2-3 days. Clinical studies will reveal the exact side effects.

Then CBD oil is like the hemp oil available in the store?

No. The hemp seed oil is squeezed from the seeds of low THC industrial hemp, but does not contain CBD in a particularly high concentration. The CBD oil is extracted from specially grown plants by a special process.

Why are CBD oils so expensive?

To produce high-concentration CBD oil, a large amount of industrial hemp is needed, and the cultivation of industrial hemp is hampered by a number of bureaucratic rules due to drug laws. The process of production is lengthy. Currently, no such oil is produced in Hungary, although domestic hemp cultivation is recognized worldwide, and domestic products are likely to be produced and marketed at a much lower cost.

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