What Kunzea Oil is and Why It’s Good For You

What Kunzea Oil is and Why It’s Good For You


Kunzea ambigua, a shrub that produces small and fragrant flowers, is native to Australia and Tasmania. It produces what is called Kunzea essential oil that is sometimes referred to as “White Cloud Essential Oil”. The kunzea oil benefits include a number of things, but it is usually helpful in relieving muscular and arthritic pain. Kunzea oil has a fresh, crisp, and woody scent that is also reminiscent of Eucalyptus, Manuka, and Fragonia.

To learn more about the benefits of kunzea oil here is a helpful guide:

General Safety Information on Using Kunzea Oil

English experts who have studied the effects of the oil has dropped a few reminders. They warned the public not to use oxidized and old oils.

The oil should not be taken internally. Application of undiluted essentials oils, absolutes, carbon dioxide, and other essences should also be prevented without prior consultation with qualified aromatherapy professional. Those who are pregnant, epileptic, have cancer, liver damage, or other medical conditions should only use the oils under the guidance of a professional aromatherapist. If the patient is a child, proceed with extreme caution and read the recommended diluted ratios for children.

Uses of Kunzea Oil

The Australian essential oil can be added to an oil burner, and a couple of drops can be infused in a diffuser or vaporizer. The addition of 2 to 10 drops of kunzea oil in baths, footbaths, and spa, can improve the experience. Aside from that, the bathroom will also smell fresh by the addition of oil in its water.

Undiluted kunzea oil can be applied directly to the skin but make sure to perform a skin test first. Put a drop of kunzea oil to the back of your hand and observe if there will be any reactions. If there is one, try diluting it to 10% with Macadamia oil. You can also choose to consult an aromatherapist for this.

Benefits of Kunzea Oil

The clear to pale yellow essential oil is good for respiratory support, congestion, sinus headaches, inflammation, sore muscles, relaxation, insect repellent, muscular aches, joint pains, nervous tension, emotional pain, and emotional blockages. It can also be used as insecticide and antiseptic. It also helps in the treatment of wounds, diarrhea, cold, and inflammation. There are also no recorded adverse effects of the essential oil as of now.

Kunzea oil is a relatively discovery in its country of origin. While there are people who have pioneered in studying it, there is still a need for further studies to maximize its healing effects. Kunzea oil is also potentially one of the most excellent essential oil that has ever been produced in Australia. If you are interested in trying out this new wonder oil, you can check out kunzea oil suppliers australia for the best prices and advice on adequately using it.

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